Transfer Your Australian Super

If you have worked in Australia anytime since 1992, then you are likely to have an Aussie Super account. You can bring that money to New Zealand and invest it into your KiwiSaver account as part of the Trans-Tasman portability arrangement.

You will need to apply directly to the ATO to help you find and bring back your 'lost' Australian Super to New Zealand. You can apply at any time to the ATO, requesting to transfer what they are holding to your KiwiSaver account. Application forms can be downloaded here, then completed and mailed to the ATO.

Apply to the ATO

You will need to include a few details when applying to the ATO

  1. Name of KiwiSaver scheme
  2. New Zealand business number of the Scheme
  3. Your member number
  • It is important to note once you have transferred your Australian Super to New Zealand you cannot reverse the payment unless you decide to permanently move back to Australia.

  • You can only transfer Australian funds back into KiwiSaver account in your name.

  • While your KiwiSaver money generally cannot be accessed until you turn 65, you can access your Australian funds transferred to New Zealand from age 60 and if you satisfy the Australian definition of retirement at that age.

  • Transferred Australian funds cannot be used to assist with the purchase of a first home, nor can they be transferred to another country.

  • There is no tax to pay on the transferred balance prior to it being invested in your KiwiSaver account, however, once it is invested in KiwiSaver it will be subject to New Zealand tax just like your KiwiSaver investment earnings are.

You may need to be aware off a few details. For more information, click here.

Extra resources

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