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Welcome to The Table, where Kiwi women talk money.

Welcome to The Table,

where Kiwi women talk money.

We believe all Kiwi women, at all stages of their life, deserve the tools and information they need to reach their financial freedom.

We’re passionate about women achieving financial independence - and are committed to closing the 20% gap that exists between men and women in retirement savings.

At Mercer, we work with thousands of Kiwi women to support their journey to financial freedom. We offer award-winning, sustainable fund options and customer services to help make your money work hard for you.

The podcast redefining PMS

Power. Money. Security. a podcast redefining PMS

Our host Michèle A’Court chats to a series of amazing Kiwi women about all things money: how to understand it, how to save it and how to invest it.

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