What's The Table?

Haere mai, welcome!

The Table, proudly empowered by Mercer, has been designed so we can come together and talk — unashamedly and uncensored — about all things money. How it works, how it grows and how we, collectively, can understand it better.

Because we believe that given the right access to tools and information, women can gain the knowledge they need to unlock their financial freedom.

Acronyms explained, complex terms unpacked, and financial jargon un-jargoned.

If you're a Kiwi woman, at any stage of your life, with any amount of money, this platform is for you.

Haere mai, pull up a seat.

Why Mercer?

At Mercer, we're committed to supporting women building wealth and their futures, no matter their lifestyle or stage.

We are the manager of an award-winning KiwiSaver scheme, which offers value for money and invests sustainably and have designed our services to suit the lives of Kiwi women.

We know women are busy and that, despite it being 2023, the gender wealth gap has not closed. That's why we've created The Table — an expert, non-judgmental platform where women can pull up a seat and build the confidence to save, earn and invest more money.

Member benefits

When you switch to the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme, you get:

  • Award-winning customer service
  • Free access to the Mercer Financial Advice team
  • Exclusive invites to The Table events

Fees & return

The fees you pay vary depending on the investment option(s) you invest in.

Fees are deducted from your investments and will also depend on the tax rate.

For information about the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme fees click here and for Mercer FlexiSaver here. Please note: You may be charged other fees on an individual basis for investor-specific decisions or actions. Further information regarding these fees can be found in the product disclosure statement.

Join us at The Table

At Mercer, we work with thousands of Kiwi women to support their journey to financial freedom. We offer award-winning, sustainable fund options and customer services to help make your money work hard for you.